Sunrise Credit Union is a state Chartered financial institution that began in April of 1997 and has served common bond groupings with a variety of financial services. It is Owned and controlled by individuals using its services. It offers Auto Loans, First and Second Mortgages, Signature Loans, HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit). With a very helpful Loan Payment Calculator and a hotline for any inquiries as assisted by one of their professionals. Since 2006, online Banking has been made possible and is an added feature.


Their mission is to promote integrity in the handling of money matters and afford members, their families and friends an opportunity to accumulate savings and access credit on fair and reasonable terms. The financial marketplace is more than just a place to do business and Sunrise Credit Union acknowledges this as a place to live their vision and their values - to do the right things for the right reasons.

Sunrise Credit Union
5569 No County Rd 29, Loveland, CO 80538
tel: 970-679-4311,
fax: 970-679-4233

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